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Robby Swope is a semi-retired social media marketer turned new media consciousness catalyst on a passionate mission to inspire and expand global human potential through mindfulness, media, and technology.


TEDx talk by Robby Swope

Spoken Word:

WOKE WARRIORS - spoken word poem - Robby Swope

A short story:

Like most Los Angeles residents, Robby set out for California to pursue a dream of starting a new sun-soaked life, on his terms, in a city full of stories and creativity. It was there he merged his background in music and theater with his interest in emerging technology and social media to create Rockstar Digital, an agency to help artists and musicians grow their careers. He created apps, websites, blogs, and social media marketing campaigns for “anyone crazy enough to listen to my creative rants and believe in what I was doing.” That passion and hustle helped Robby grow his new business, eventually collaborating with 70 clients over 7 years while delivering more than 5,000 hours of strategy, consultation, and creative mind jams along the way.

But the work and the city eventually caught up with him after a serious anxiety attack left him to question his purpose…his “why.” Luckily, he found plant medicine, meditation, and mindfulness practices which allowed his anxiety to ease, his spiritual healing to begin, and his mind to recalibrate toward a new journey. Now, his mission is to inspire mindfulness throughout the world, via the exploration and sharing of truthful knowledge, media, science, art, and technology. Telling authentic stories has always been an important part of his story, and he looks forward to doing just that (online and off) while collaborating with talented people and projects whose north star is honoring the shift toward greater human consciousness, potential, and technology.

Robby Swope - TEDx talk “How Social Identity Will Revolutionize Technology”
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“I believe there is a science and an art to every decision, every idea, every product, every one. Now that we are becoming more aware, gaining access to more knowledge, able to distribute our communication freely and infinitely via the Internet, there is more opportunity than ever before to be an awesome human being.”

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Robby believes:

 😇✌️ be kind
😎🚀 dream big
😃😂 have fun
😍👊 choose love

Robby loves:

🎧 great music
🏞 mother nature
📚 learning + sharing
💡 big ideas

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