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“Robby Swope is a passionate storyteller and digital entrepreneur who is relentless in his exploration of the technology and experiences we design, and it’s impact on human potential. He’s also a really handsome guy.” – Your Mom


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Thanks for joining me on June 22nd for the rad TEDx-style mindjam and workshop at The Suites, an exciting new co-working office space in Woodland Hills, CA. I enjoyed meeting awesome people and expanding our minds!

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TEDx talk by Robby Swope

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After choosing not to attend Berklee College of Music, Robby packed his bags and set out for California to start a new life, on his terms. 6 months later, Rockstar Digital was born in Los Angeles, and he began creating apps, sites, blogs, YouTube videos, social media content, and marketing, advertising and branding campaigns for artists, bands and projects. Passion and hustle helped Robby grow his digital agency, eventually collaborating with over 100 clients and friends, while delivering more than 5,000 hours of brand strategy, consultation, and mindjams along the way. His mission is to work with talented and driven people, create ideas that grow via technology and tell stories that thrive on social impact, innovation, and human potential.

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“I believe there is a science and an art to every decision, every idea, every product, every one. Now that we are becoming more aware, gaining access to more knowledge, able to distribute our communication freely and infinitely via the Internet, there is more opportunity than ever before to be an awesome human being.”
– Robby

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Joshua Tree was one of our stops over the weekend. It’s shadows, shapes, and sands never disappoint.

Our playlist set the mood and lifted us higher…with tunes from @chvrches blaring for the drive in. As we got into the park, I immediately remembered as the landscape started to wash over me, that no matter how many times I’ve gone, I always see it in a new way. A new rock, a new trail, different sun-lighting, a contrasting season, and even the temperature. This time was no exception.

We went deep into the west side of the park to the Lost Horse Mine and took a short hike of about 2.5 miles up and beyond 4500 feet of elevation taking quick breaks to snap a picture (and catch our breath). It was well worth it to get our blood pumping and of course led to some epic views of the valley behind it. There were a couple people along the way, but enough emptiness to have your own space, which I like. We opted out of the longer “loop” version of the trail that extended another 4 miles. Next time. For now, we wanted to chase the sunset to the entrance of the park.

Luckily, we arrived right on time, pulled over and drifted on foot through the rocks and trees during the magical golden hour sunset. An awesome way to ground ourselves at the end of a long (but seemingly short) day. We saw a climber emerge at the top of a massive rock just in time to catch the sun kissing the horizon. He was stoked, as indicated by his joyful screams. We were impressed too. Moments after, I turned around to face another set of rocks that was being blanketed by the glow and snapped this photo. Within seconds the lights were shut off and temperature dropped just as quickly as the sun. We meandered around taking more photos to try to bottle the feeling of being in that moment, but our cold hands won the battle as we scurried back to the road, hopped in the Range, and en route to the wacky and tacky world of downtown Palm Springs, where the night was still young.

Jtree, thanks for exchanging energy with me and my peeps. We are recharged and feeling more alive than ever. Don’t change. Keep spreading your light. And most importantly, see you soon.

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Give me a "+" if you love music, and will continue to value it, even if you can listen to practically any song you want,...

Posted by Robby Swope on Wednesday, July 22, 2015

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