Hello beautiful human, and welcome to my page! It’s very nice to meet you here. If you don’t yet know much about me, I’m on a passionate mission to inspire and expand human potential. As of now, I seem to be delivering that through a combination of mindfulness-based coaching, regenerative business consulting, communications, and education. Perhaps our sole soulful missions are aligned to cultivate greater health, healing, and joy within yourself, for society, and for Earth? If so, you might be searching for a partner who: 1) understands and awakens your “why”, 2) collaborates on the systems and communication of your offering, 3) helps you take intuitive step-by-step action, and 4) stands with you side-by-side to realize your vision. Reach out if it resonates. Until then, thanks for being here. High five, -Robby


TEDx talk by Robby Swope

Spoken Word:

WOKE WARRIORS - spoken word poem - Robby Swope

A short story:

Like most Los Angeles residents, Robby set out for California to pursue a dream of starting a new sun-soaked life, on his terms, in a city full of stories and creativity. It was there he merged his background in music and theater with his interest in emerging technology and social media to create a digital agency to help artists and musicians grow their careers online and off. He created apps, websites, blogs, social media marketing campaigns, and delivered strategic guidance for “anyone crazy enough to listen to my creative rants and believe in what I was doing.” That passion and hustle helped Robby grow his new business, eventually collaborating with 70 clients over 7 years while delivering more than 5,000 hours of strategy, consultation, and creative mind jams along the way.

But the work and the city eventually caught up with him after a serious anxiety attack left him to question his purpose…his “why.” Luckily, he found plant medicine, meditation, and mindfulness practices which allowed his anxiety to ease, his spiritual healing to begin, and his mind to recalibrate toward a new journey and a re-aligned mission: to inspire mindfulness throughout the world, via the exploration and sharing of truthful knowledge, media, science, art, and technology. Telling authentic stories has always been an important part of his story, and he looks forward to doing just that (online and off) while collaborating with talented people and projects whose north star is honoring the shift toward greater human consciousness, increased potential, regenerative reform, and social impact.

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Let’s Reconnect and Regenerate

We are increasing awareness, gaining access to knowledge, and removing barriers, all by sharing our direct communications and creations at scale via the Internet and social media. But that rapid growth comes at a cost. With this tremendous opportunity comes substantial overwhelm. We’ve upgraded our outer technology, but have we done the same inside of ourselves? We can feel the pull, the pressure, and the confusion. We can see the reactionary outcomes of disconnection. We are simultaneously in awe of our progress and in shock of our destruction. It’s a challenging place to be mentally, physically, and spiritually. There is only one path: coming back home.

We have to slow down and listen to our intuition, reconnect with ourselves, with each other and with our natural world, and gratefully utilize our gifts by deploying mindfulness and regenerative practices in all of our endeavors, to save ourselves and save this planet.

I believe that if we realign and come from a place of deep resonance and intuition, we have a chance to heal before it’s too late. And it starts with you taking one step. It’s time to dig in and do the deep work. Face the truth and take action. As a conscious warrior of truth you know the days of manipulation and disconnection are over. So if you have created something that impacts the world in a positive way, and this message resonates with you, please contact me to explore a conversation of how we can help you and/or your project grow. Thank you for reading and I look forward to speaking with you.

Peace and Love,
– Robby

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    Robby Swope - TEDx talk “How Social Identity Will Revolutionize Technology”
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